Zodiac Birthstones

Wearing the particular gemstone associated with your birthday has long been thought to have a positive effect and act as a talisman. Our Zodiac collection showcases these gemstones with a bracelet and necklace style for each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

If you are looking for a thoughtful birthday gift which they will treasure our new Zodiac collection is perfect, delicate pendant styles and stunning gemstone bracelets which are engraved with the 12 signs of the zodiac.  Crafted from sterling silver and plated in rhodium, gold or rose gold vermeil, each piece is set with the birthstone for the sign.

The Birthstones

Capricorn- December 21st– January 19th

Capricorns are known as independent and practical and form strong friendships. Their gemstone Ruby is thought to bring the wearer friendship and courage.

Capricorn zodiac necklace

Capricorn necklace, ruby

Capricorn slider bracelet

Aquarius- Jan 20th– Feb 18th

This water sign is thought to be individual, imaginative and friendly. Aquarius’ gemstone is the opulent Garnet, symbolising love, passion, eternity and warmth.

Aquarius pendant necklace

Aquarius necklace

Aquarius slider bracelet

Pisces- February 19th – March 20th

This star sign is acknowledged as one of the most creative and compassionate. Amethyst gemstones are considered a symbol of spirituality and peace.

Pices necklace

Pisces necklace, amethyst

Pisces slider bracelet

Aries- March 21st– April 20th

Aries is a fire sign, thought to be courageous, confident and loyal. Pink topaz is said to be a balancing and calming gemstone, perfect for the fiery Aries personality.

Aries necklace

Aries necklace, gemstone

Aries slider bracelet

Taurus- April 21st – May 20th

Those born under the sign of Taurus are said to be reliable, practical and devoted. Select a Taurus necklace or bracelet set with a beautiful Garnet for this sign, symbolising warmth and passion.

Taurus necklace

Taurus necklace, gemstone

Taurus slider bracelet

Gemini- May 21st – June 20th

Gemini is an air sign, thought to be intelligent and sociable and represented by twins. The Emerald is believed to bring wisdom and refresh and revitalise the spirit.

Gemini necklace

Gemini necklace, gemstone

Gemini slider bracelet

Cancer – June 21st – July 20th

Cancer is a water sign, thought to be honest and generous.  White Topaz symbolises splendour and love and is thought to have soothing and healing properties.

Cancer necklace

Cancer necklace, gemstone

Cancer slider bracelet

Leo- July 2st – August 21st

This fire sign is said to be enthusiastic, energetic and warm hearted. Black Onyx is thought to increase positivity and bring personal strength.

Leo necklace

Leo necklace, gemstone

Leo slider bracelet

Virgo – August 22nd – September 22nd

Virgos are thought to be perfectionists with analytical and intelligent minds. Sapphires are closely associated with royalty and are said to bring wisdom and protection.

Virgo necklace

Virgo necklace, gemstone

Virgo slider bracelet

Libra – September 23rd – October 22nd

Represented by scales, Libra is said to be diplomatic and fair, a gentle and kind sign. Blue Tourmaline is considered a good luck gemstone and is sometimes referred to as the stone of wisdom.

Libra necklace

Libra necklace, gemstone

Libra slider bracelet

Scorpio – October 23rd – November 22nd

Scorpios are thought to be intense, passionate and mysterious. The stunning Carnelian gemstone is thought to aid creativity and individuality.

Scorpio necklace

Scorpio necklace, gemstone

Scorpio slider bracelet

Sagittarius – November 23rd– December 20th

This fire sign is said to be curious, adventurous and optimistic. The gemstone Lapis Lazuli is thought to encourage good communication and harmonious relationships.

Sagittarius necklace

Sagittarius necklace, gemstone

Sagittarius slider bracelet

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