How to wear our new scarves…

Introducing our new printed cotton scarves…

Have you checked out our new scarf arrivals yet? Our latest range of printed cotton scarves are the perfect way to add a pop of colour and pattern to your every day look. Our pure cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable and shows off our new season prints beautifully. Our scarves are one of our most versatile accessories and can be worn in so many ways for different occasions. So, we’re going to show you how…



There’s a print for every occasion and with these scarves being our most versatile accessory, you will never wear the same look twice…


Style #1 showcases the Marble Heart print to perfection as it drapes over your shoulders. Simply fold the scarf into a triangle and tie a loose knot around your front.


Style #2 will keep your neck warm whilst giving you that classic-chic look, especially with our Shoes in Shoes print. You only need to tie a knot and position to one side to achieve this style.


Style #3 is all about creating a ‘snood’ type style and our pastel Zebra print is definitely the perfect print to choose for this. Keep wrapping the scarf around your neck and tuck the loose ends underneath.


Style #4 gives your look an elegant finish by almost mimicking a tie. Our textured Jungle Animal print is finished with a beautiful fringed edge, perfect for this style. Follow the steps above…


Style #5 is the most classic style of them all and a great way to symmetrically showcase our Blossom Leopard print.


Style #6 is similar to style #5 but instead, your Floral Picnic print can be admired from all angles. All you have to do is casually throw your scarf over one shoulder.


Style #7 showcases a simple knot that can be worn in multiple positions, the perfect way to uplift a casual shirt.


Style #8 is a perfect way to keep your Leopard Cat print scarf in the right position throughout your day. Follow the steps above…








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