The Nocturne Collection

Our Nocturne collection is perfect for the up and coming party season. The entire collection consists of varying shades and tones of blue, one of the most flattering shades for any skin tone, and this collection will bring you in to those crisp, starry winter nights with added sparkle and shine.

Blue Sandstone

Bringing back classics with an updated twist, this collection includes Blue Sandstone, the beautiful stone that resembles a dark, starry night. This gemstone has been reintroduced within our Boutique collection with the Nocturne Teardrop styles.

The classic teardrop shape with the Blue Sandstone adds sophistication to any outfit. The expertly faceted stone also emphasises the natural glitter in this spectacular gemstone.

Nocturne Teardrop Earrings
Delta Fan Slider Bracelet

Navy Blue Tiger’s Eye

We have also brought back Navy Blue Tiger’s Eye which is a subtle yet stunning semi-precious stone. The various shades are reminiscent of cloudy dark blue nights and early winter mornings, with striations and markings from the natural Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye has a unique chatoyancy, bright lustre caused by reflection from inclusions in the stone.

This Navy blue tone is deep and dark making this stone mysterious and mesmerising.

Lucy Necklace
Lacey Bracelet
Reagan Bracelet

Atlantic Blue Rock Crystal

The Nocturne Collection also includes Atlantic Blue Rock Crystal. If Blue Sandstone represents the winter sky then Atlantic Blue Rock Crystal is reminiscent of a stormy sea. Its deep, vibrant blue tones mixed with the inclusions and the semi-transparency add a sense of movement which makes this gemstone pop and add a contemporary edge to any outfit.

This stone is best coupled with light tones such as white, creams and grey to bring out its true beauty.

Faceted Barrel bracelet
Sarah Necklace
Thandie bracelet

Inky Blue Agate

The star of this collection is without a doubt Inky Blue Agate.

This popular new gemstone has multiple shades of blue, its depth of tone adds luxury whilst maintaining a striking simplicity, which makes it extremely wearable.

The striations lift the stone, creating a beautiful effect between the exquisite blend of tones. This stone is a must have for your jewellery collection!

Lyda Bracelet
Carla Earrings

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