Nikki’s Perfect Mother’s Day

How do you plan to celebrate Mothers Day this year?

Family is at the heart of everything I do and for me Lola Rose is an extension of my family, so each year we do something fun in the office to celebrate. At home, there is no bigger joy than having my entire family around me and Mother’s Day is no exception. My two brothers and I take turns to cook a big lunch every year and this Mother’s Day its my turn to cook AND although I will never escape my mum over my shoulder telling me: ‘I would never cook my roast potatoes at that temperature’ AND my dad tutting at the dinning room table telling Justin ‘that’s not how you carve the meat’ I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be. Since becoming a mum every year I have a secret hope that I may be surprised with the possibility of a lie in on a Sunday (unheard of with my boys) while Justin and the boys make me peanut butter on toast and a lovely cup of coffee in bed whilst watching a girly film (no Jaws, Spiderman or Paw Patrol)  so Justin if you’re reading this, hint hint!

What would be you top 3 Lola Rose gifts this year for Mother’s Day?

Vintage Botanic Leopard Scarf – From being wrapped up in one on the side-lines of Freddie’s football matches to snuggling up with Oscy on the sofa and using one as a blanket, My Lola Rose scarves are something I just can’t live without and something I love to gift. They are so versatile, great for all body types and sizes and I truly believe a scarf completes any outfit. One of my favourite prints this season is the Vintage Botanic Leopard Scarf; its super soft so you’ll want to wear it all day and the colours are so vibrant they are going to ensure whoever you gift it too has a smile on their face all day.

Vintage Botanics Leopard scarf

Clio Multi Strand Bracelet – My ultimate grab and go bracelet. As mums we are super busy and at times it feels like we’ve had a full day’s work before we even get to the office. For the mum on the go the Clio bracelet is the ultimate in fast, easy, but chic accessorising. With its five strands of semi-precious bead all pulled together with one Chinese knot, it creates that coveted ‘stacking’ look in seconds – which let’s face it most mornings that is all the time I have!

Clio bracelet by Lola Rose

Love Heart Medium Charm Necklace – When I think of gifts for Mother’s Day, how can I not think of a heart. My favourite heart this season comes from my new Sterling Silver Love Collection, I was inspired by the pleasure of gift giving when creating this range. To Gift something meaningful, something thoughtful and something the wearer will treasure forever was something that made me smile everyday while I was designing. The Medium Heart Charm necklace in Rhodolite Garnet and Rose Gold is so delicate, so feminine and simply the perfect gift for every mum this year – what better way to say I love you than with a heart.

Heart medium necklace

What would you say is the best thing about being a mum?

The best moments for me as mum, are the unexpected moments when no one is watching. My beautiful boys never cease to amaze me with their maturity and cheekiness beyond their years (Oscy) and their kindness and generosity (Fred). Only this week the boys were playing beautifully together, both dressed hysterically as spider-Man (of course whatever Fred dresses as, Oscy must copy) when poor Freddie bumped his head, the whole house is in hysteria as a lump the size of a golf ball is forming, when out of the corner of my eye I see Oscy come up and console a teary Freddie and say to him…. “Freddie remember…. Spider-Man never gives up” those are the moments I feel truly blessed to call myself a mum.

Best lessons your mum ever taught you?

My mum is more than just a mum to me; she is my best friend, she taught me how to be a mum to my gorgeous boys and most influentially she is one of the chicest women I know. When I created my first Lola Rose collection 17 years ago I derived so much of my inspiration from her personal style and this hasn’t changed to date. One of the most striking pieces of advice she ever gave me actually came from one of our mutual idols:

“When Accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on” – Coco Chanel

In my world, this has almost become a rule to live by and one I can never thank my mum enough for teaching me.


Most stylish mum?

Apart from my own mum of course, it has to be Michelle Obama, I love her style!  Effortless, never overdone and extremely chic!

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