Marshmallow Quartzite, introducing this new gemstone

Introducing Marshmallow Quartzite, one of our newest semi-precious stones.  With tones of pink and pale blue, this gemstone is winter pastel perfection.  The candy tones and watercolour effect of this unique gemstone means it has a pretty, fresh feel and we’ve mixed it in with Ice Blue Quartzite and added silver tone touches.

Some of our favourites

Natasha Bracelet
Pansy Necklace
Amelia Lily Bracelet
Jannie Earrings
Bettine Ring
Mobi Necklace

This stone is hand painted so each stone has completely unique markings meaning you won’t see anyone else with exactly the same piece as you.

The colours will fit in perfectly with your winter wardrobe, the pale pink and blue tones working equally well with greys and whites, denim or neutral tones.

Pieces start from £28 for the Jannie Earrings to £120 for the Lucy necklace in this gemstone.

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