Your favourite Prue x Lola Rose designs are back in stock! Best selling colours and brand new never before seen gemstone mixes in the styles Prue loves the most.


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Prue x Lola Rose Jo-anne Necklace



'The Elektra necklaces with their slightly Japanese modern architecture look are great. My favourite, of course, is the bright red, black and white one made of black sandstone, black zebra jasper and Rouge Montana agate.'


- Prue Leith



'But I think my favourite shape of all is Angusina a shortish necklace with a great square pendant stone, set at a modern stylish angle. The Lola Rose on-line customers have exclusivity to the red and blue which I have now worn for four consecutive days – most unlike me. I also like the Citrus magnesite and amethyst version.'


- Prue Leith


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'The Auriel necklaces with a circlet of odd-shaped stones like Dinosaur teeth are both striking and really pretty. The ‘teeth’ point playfully in all directions. The colour mix that is exclusive to Lola Rose on-line customers is terrific – pink, green, yellow, purple, blue and pink.'


- Prue Leith