What a week! From the brilliant madness of half-term with my beautiful boys, to being in the office designing something VERY exciting, which I will be launching for you in September. And to being part of an amazing Fashion Event at QVC: Reset Your Style. My head is spinning! But in the best way possible.


Speaking of the latter, being a part of QVC’s styling event and being asked all about how I style my accessories into my fashion choices, leads me perfectly into this week’s blog. A very highly requested and anticipated look inside my wardrobe! In no way do I consider myself to be a ‘fashionista’ or ‘style icon’, even though Anna always tells me differently. But I do know what I have always had, which is a strong sense of my signature style. I believe fashion and accessorising is all about attitude, not age or size, and I wanted this blog to focus on the hints and tips I have picked up over the years when it comes to styling a look.





I have always had a passion for fashion and there is nothing I love more than losing myself for hours walking around Independent Boutiques and shops. For me, the in-store experience of seeing the colours and feeling the fabrics in real life just cannot be beaten. Although I do understand the draw of shoes and handbags, I often bypass these items in search of my true obsession – which of course is clothing and print!


My vibrant and now apparently ‘iconic’ shirt collection is something I have amassed over many, many years. For me, when I find that shirt that I just know is destined to be a part of my collection, it is because in my head I have already started envisaging the numerous jewellery pieces I will wear with it. So with that in mind, I wanted to take you through three key necklaces from this week’s New Arrivals, and share with you my tips on how I would style them.




Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery



Your choice of necklace tells a lot more about you than you think. It can convey your style, taste and mood. Therefore, you want to ensure that your choice of necklace brings out who you really are. In choosing Busy, big is most certainly beautiful. Two strands of insanely gorgeous flower stations make up this one-of-a-kind design. What I love most about a true statement necklace is that it does not matter how busy the background of your outfit is; the necklace will always find a way to stand out. Right now, I am obsessed with the idea of wearing this style over a high neck top or dress, the intensity of the stones will really be picked out against a denser fabric backdrop. If you are like me and you LOVE ditsy print and pattern, a statement necklace is your best friend. It will pull your outfit together in an effortless way; as I always say women look their most beautiful when their style appears natural.


I consider a statement necklace to be the best all year-round accessory. In the winter months we often find it tricky to find jewellery that has the impact to stand out against layers and heavier clothing. Then in the summer we battle the opposite problem, that bigger jewellery can be stifling and claustrophobic in the heat. What I love about working with semi-precious stones is the natural qualities of the stone. In the winter, the markings and individuality of each piece ensures that they will always hold their own in whatever outfit you incorporate them into. And in summer, the cooling feeling of the stones against your skin means that no matter the temperature in the hotter months, Lola Rose is always going to feel comfortable.



Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery

Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery



You never get a second chance to make a first impression; from the clothes you wear, to the way you style your hair and EVEN down to the type of jewellery you finish your look with. All these things work together to make you who you are. I want our ladies to use Lola Rose jewellery as a stepping stone to reveal their inner personality, and nothing allows you that freedom more than a necklace you can wear and style in so many ways. You’ll often hear me say on QVC that I believe a rope necklace is one of the MUST HAVE accessories in every woman’s jewellery collection. I adore how it allows the wearer to customise her look and ensure she achieves a style that best compliments her body type, fashion choices and occasion of wear.


The Momo necklace is a styling saviour. Imagine you are travelling, and can only pack limited accessories – so you need the ones you do take to work really hard for you. Or maybe it’s one of those days when you have torn through your wardrobe and literally can’t find a thing to wear. In all scenarios, the Momo necklace will make even the most casual and simple outfit look refined, elegant and put-together.


Every time I design a rope necklace, I challenge myself to discover a new way of wearing it as a jewellery piece. When you have 80 inches of continual semi-precious stone to play with, the opportunities really are endless – from wrapping it up to three times around your neck to create a dramatic neckline filler, to knotting the rope at the desired length to create your own pendant style. I have even worn these designs as multi-strand bracelets. If you guys have any new creative ways of wearing Momo, please please please do let me know!



Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery

Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery



A classically simple necklace that makes a statement is always a staple styling tool. I talk about wanting my jewellery to remain timeless within your collection and the Cadenza multi strand really ticks that box. There’s something about layering pieces that brings out the inner girl-in-mum’s-jewellery-box; it’s playful, whimsical, and joyful. The five elegant strands of delicately cut and perfectly rounded semi-precious stone beads within the Cadenza design gives you a lightweight and comfortable layering look that can be just as easily dressed down, as it can be styled up.


I believe styling should be fun; we should enjoy dressing up our fashion looks with colourful accessories. However, I also understand that for many, curating bold looks is a daunting task, which is one of the reasons I decided to create Lola Rose. I wanted to give the ability to experiment with colour in smaller, more acceptable doses, in the hopes that every woman could feel the instant confidence the correct colour and accessory can bring. Cadenza is a great way to add colour to your day, whether you are choosing to pair this necklace with a classic black or white shirt, or you're feeling daring enough to colour block or wear this style over print. I know there is a way this classic style can be worn by every woman and she WILL feel beautiful.



Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery

Wake up with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery


If these last two years have taught me anything, it’s that life is too short to live in black and white. So I hope this blog will encourage my readers to throw caution to the wind and experiment with something new within their styling. Maybe that’s a small touch of unusual colour through one of my bangle bar designs, or perhaps you're feeling brave enough to go all-out with a vibrant and totally unique statement. Either way, it is my hope that I can empower every person who comes across Lola Rose to style with colour, no matter how big or small the commitment, and let its power reveal their inner beauty.


As ever please do reach out to my through our social media channels or care@lolarose.co.uk and let me know your journey with styling, colour and accessorising and what Lola Rose means to you. I love reading your stories!


Lots of love for now and until my next blog,

Nikki xxx






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