Happy Friday, my loves!


I don’t know about you all, but I’m so glad the weekend is finally here, and I’ve definitely got that Friday feeling today. After a long week of meetings, brainstorming new designs and shuttling my boys around to their various after-school clubs, I always make sure to try and take some time at the weekend to kick back and relax. Sometimes the best self-care in the world looks like getting dressed up for nobody but yourself and unwinding with a delicious drink (or two, or three!).





This week on my blog, I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite cocktail recipe using Savile Row gin. It’s such a crowd pleaser, which makes it perfect for entertaining, but I also love mixing one up just for myself. But really, it’s best served with girlfriends, gossip and giggles.




Cocktail o'clock with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery


A White Lady


You will need:


50ml gin
25ml triple sec
25ml lemon juice
Lemon zest twists
2 tsp sugar syrup
Handful of ice


Tip the gin, triple sec, lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice into a cocktail shaker.


Shake until the outside of the shaker feels very cold, then strain the mixture. Discard the ice, then return the drink to the shaker and shake again.


Pour into a coupe glass and garnish with a twist of lemon zest to serve






Cocktail o'clock with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery


Cocktail attire is all about looking sexy, sleek and sophisticated. My favourite kind of cocktail dresses have three things in common: length, slinkiness and simplicity. Everyone knows that I love my loud prints and patterns, but sometimes even I opt for a more understated, monochrome look. I think jewellery is so important for completing a cocktail look – I love getting creative with ways that I can be subtly playful and let my personality shine through even when a more formal dress code is in order. It’s all about striking the balance between eye-catching and elegant. Recently, I love pairing a cocktail dress with the Noomi necklace and the Pati bracelet: perfectly complementary pieces that are simply charming.




Cocktail o'clock with Nikki Gewirtz, founder of Lola Rose Jewellery


I hope you’re all as enchanted by our new collections as I am, I think these pieces are really so special. Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to take the time to kick back, put your feet up, and indulge. Please let me know if you try my White Lady recipe, as you know I always love to hear what my Lola Rose family think.


Lots of love for now and until my next blog,

Nikki xxx






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