The Beauty behind Birthstones

The Beauty behind Birthstones

Whether it’s a gorgeous garnet glow or an elegant pearl, your birthstone can say a lot about you as a person. What better way to celebrate the month you were born than with a piece of jewellery representing your birthstone? Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday present or just fancy updating your own personal collection, here’s the Lola Rose guide to birthstones…

January – Garnet

Starting off the year with a bang, the garnet is a sensual stone which is associated with regeneration and stability. With an extensive history dating back to the Bronze Age, garnets resemble pomegranate seeds and are also used to commemorate a 2nd year of marriage.

Indulge yourself in some rich red goodness in the form of our garnet Marylebone Bracelet – £35

February – Amethyst

Found in countries such as Brazil and Uruguay, February’s birthstone comes in the form of amethyst. Combining a mixture of deep purples and lilac hues, amethyst is sourced from volcanic rock and is thought to bring a level of mental stability to those who wear it.

Not just for February birthdays, amethyst is one of our most popular colours at Lola Rose – mix a variety of purple shades together with the Bobbi Necklace – £49

March – Aquamarine

Bright and youthful in appearance, March birthdays are celebrated with the aquamarine crystal. Thought to be able to bring calm and tranquillity to any situation, opt for this cool stone if you need to relieve the stress of daily life.

Add some bold colouring to an otherwise low-key outfit and infuse the ocean into your look with our Sury Bracelet – £30.00

April – Diamond

Made from nothing but pure carbon, the diamond represents the month of April and it’s a lavish stone we all know and admire. Diamonds signify eternal love, making this a perfect glittering gift for that special person in your life.

We’ll be introucing diamonds to our collection next season but for now you can add a touch of glamour and get the diamond look by opting for the Cosima Necklace – £59.00

May – Emerald

The powerful green tones of an emerald stone represent birthdays in the month of May. With over 95% of the world’s emeralds produced in Colombia, this is a stone which is recognised for its connotations for rebirth and fertility.

Emerald tones have been turning heads for decades and you can add an element of opulence to your outfit with the Compton Bracelet – £26.

June – Pearl

Pearls are symbolic in their own right, with references relating to purity and an aesthetic signifying elegance. Formed in oysters, pearls come in a range of shades from cream to bright white and they’re considered an investment for any jewellery collection.

Whether you’re gifting for a June birthday, or just looking to add some sophistication to your ensemble, try the Freddie Pearl Bracelet – £38

July – Ruby

From good fortune and power to love and wisdom, the ruby is one of the most luxurious birthstones and it signifies a July birthday. The ruby is also considered as one of the toughest stones, ensuring that they’ll last you a lifetime.

Make room for rubies in your own collection or choose an item such as the Kenley Necklace (£16.50) for the perfect July birthday present.

August – Peridot

Peridot is a unique stone, which can not only prevent terrifying dreams, but also promote authority and personal power for the wearer. The glistening lime green shade with hints of yellow and gold make this a distinctive birthstone for August babies.

Try adding a dose of perfect peridot to your outfit with the Lola Rose Portobello Bracelet – £35

September – Sapphire

September’s birthstone, sapphire, is a luxurious gem which symbolises loyalty, fidelity and trust. The highly desired blue shade is vivid in appearance, glistening at all the right times and instilling a touch of extravagance to any outfit.

Give a gift in sapphire blue to someone you love with the Portobello Bracelet in Kyanite – £35.

October – Opal

October’s birthstone, opal, can form in a number of different types of rock, making it the only birthstone which isn’t a mineral. No opal stone is the same and as it’s supposed to bring luck to the wearer, it’s the perfect gift for someone with an October birthday.

The multi-coloured nature of the opal is a sought-after look, but for that extra feminine touch, try our pink opal Nightingale Necklace – £32.50.

November – Topaz

Banish any impurities with the topaz stone which indicates elements of health and healing. November birthdays are associated with this glimmering, gold-like stone which encapsulates the eye and provides therapeutic tendencies to those who wear it.

The yellow colour palette featured on the Luxe Bar Necklace (£55) is an ideal option for those looking to make an impression.

December – Tanzanite

Found in Tanzania, this stunning stone comes in an enriching blue shade and encourages fortuity and happiness. Captivated by the violet and blue hues, December birthdays should embrace the beauty of this rare stone.

Get your own slice of tanzanite with the Lola Rose Marlybone Bracelet – £46

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