Lola Rose is proud to support Future Dreams


Future Dreams raises money for two amazing causes:

Breakthrough Breast Cancer – a pioneering charity which fund a quarter of the UK’s overall

  funding for breast cancer specific research and The Haven – the only national charity which

provides free one-to-one emotional and physical support to improve the lives of anyone affected by

breast cancer.  Their mission over the next five years is to raise £5 million in

order to open The Future Dreams Haven that will service North, East and Central London.

About Lola Rose - Quote

dales story


Nineteen years ago, my mum Sylvie Henry was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, in October 2007 she was diagnosed with inoperable and incurable primary lung cancer. As if this wasn’t horrific enough, my sister Danielle Leslie was also diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago at the age of 35. Three weeks before mum lost her brave battle in July 2009, my sister was unbelievably diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her lungs. Despite several courses of chemotherapy and two operations to remove the tumours on each lung, Danielle passed away on 17th September 2010 – my birthday.

Although my beautiful mum and sister fought their own individual battles against cancer, they both confronted their illnesses in the same way – with fortitude, dignity and courage.

I come from an incredibly close family. We have always been such a huge part of each other’s lives. That was until my family was shattered by the devastating effects of cancer. My brother and I have lost our mother and sister. My father deprived of his wife and daughter. My brother-in-law and his three beautiful children have been denied a wife and mother.
Life for us will never be the same again.


Despite their prognosis, my mum and sister both felt very strongly that they had to do something specific to try and raise money towards breast cancer research and treatment. As they had many years of experience working with the theatre as dance and performing arts teachers, their chosen events were two West End Variety shows - For One Night Only and One More Time. These two amazing shows were hugely successful, raising over £700,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

My sister’s wish was that her and mum’s legacy continued and that is why I am honoured to take on the role of CEO of Future Dreams. Their immense hard work and commitment to the charity has been hugely inspirational to me, as I know it has been to many others. I assume my role with mixed emotions; I am thrilled to be able to continue their dream but only wish I didn’t have to fill the void they have left. The work of Future Dreams is of enormous importance to me personally and I, along with my family and the rest of the committee, am utterly dedicated to raising as much money as possible for Breakthrough Breast Cancer so that future generations do not have to suffer the terrible effects of this disease.


We need your support more than ever. We know together we can make a difference.

Dale's story 

Lola Rose is proud to support Future Dreams

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Inside Diameter        
Inches MM UK US Europe Lola Rose Sizing
0.58 14.88 H 4 46.5  
0.59 15.1 I 4.25 47  
0.6 15.49 J 4.75 48.5  
0.62 15.9 K 5.25 50 S
0.64 16.31 L 5.75 51 S
0.64 16.31 L 5.75 51 S
0.65 16.71 M 6.25 52 M
0.67 17.12 N 6.75 53.5 M
0.69 16.53 O 7.25 55 L
0.7 17.93 P 7.75 56 L
0.72 18.34 Q 8.25 57 XL
0.73 18.75 R 8.75 58.5 XL
0.75 19.15 S 9.25 59.5  
0.77 19.56 T 9.75 61  
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